miniature nature "Happy Garden"

Happy Garden“a mini botanical art. If there is one thing every work desk needs more of, it’s positive energy, which is just one reason for considering decorating with a piece of nature.

Each plant is specifically chosen with the end result in mind. Top-quality, fresh plants that will give results you will be delighted with.
The size is perfect, suitable for all type of workshop.

Air plant: Brachycaulos Abdita

Crystal: Calcite Red
Height: 25 cm approx
Base: 10 cm approx.

We Are…

Office living art passionate about Sustainability, Green Living and Our Environment

We all know that climate change, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, and resource delation are real, and their impact on human and animal lives can be devastating. So it is an opportunity for people to adopt actions for sustainable living that can help them to reduce their carbon footprint or environmental impact by altering their lifestyle.

More and more employers are paying close attention to the kind of environment they create for their employees. Therefore introducing office plans is one-way o creating a more appealing environment for workers psychological and physiological.

Hope this “mini botanical living art” can bring love, peace, hope integrity, creativity and all the best things and feelings. Every single display is uniquely hand-made sustainable and recycles free.

As a designer, I try to work just with local business so in this way we can help each other. So here we are at Office-Living Arts. Browse our living art ranges, get existed and place orders. You are clicks away to revive your office space.

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Care Instructions

These plants are mostly found in deserts, turmoil rain forests, United States, Mexico, Central and Southern America. They are habitat very rough environments that don’t need much care.

If you want to spruce up your office with a little greenery but you’re new to plant parenthood and want to stick to plants that are more forgiving and low-maintenance, this is your solution. 

Saturate with water once a week for 30 minutes. Do this by completely covering the plant in tap or filtered water at room temperature and fertilize once a month with multipurpose fertilizer will be more than enough to maintain them.

Air plants may bloom from mid-winter through to late-summer. The flowers can last from several days to many months depending on the species.

Researches have shown that having a number of plants in a working environment will result in a 60% improvement to one’s mental wellbeing.